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Dear visitor,
We would like to warmly welcome you at the website of the Prague Expat Centre. We provide one stop shop for all international newcomers relocating to Prague. Whether you are thinking about investing, studying or working in Prague, we are here to assist you and to make your transition as smooth as possible.
The Prague Expat Centre operates under the City of Prague and is your connection to the city administration. Our services are free of charge.
This website offers you quick access to the most basic information about Prague and living in our city. But as every story is different we are sure we weren’t able to cover all your questions and concerns, therefore we would be happy to help you via phone or e-mail. Or just come visit us – we are here for you every day at Business Innovation Centre.
We are very happy you chose Prague and wish your stay to be a great experience!
Your expat Centre Team


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All expats are invited to take advantage of our free individual consultation service. We offer guidance and support with all kinds of situations related to a professional or private start in Prague. Role of the Expat Centre is to make the process of settling as easy as possible, whether you want to study, work or do business in Prague. Book your consultation at expat@praha.eu.