Finance your company

When the magical 3 Fs (family, fools & friends) won’t do you will need to find a robust funding source to finance your startup. We have explored some of the sources of financing that every new business should look into when starting up.

4 steps to finance your company

#1 Bank loans

There are dozens of different banks in Prague, most of them providing small business loans. Conditions differ from bank to bank but you will definitely need a solid business plan with midterm prospects to be eligible for bank funding.

The complete list of banks is here.

#2 Investors

Finding an investor might be the best options for many startups, but it has its drawbacks. The cost of this low-risk, debt-free funding option is giving away a significant stake in the long-term ownership and control of your business. Before you consider working with investors as a source of financing, think carefully about what concessions you’re willing to make and how involved you want that investor to be in steering the business direction and philosophy. There are many investment companies and business angels located in Prague and are ready to help!

#3 Crowdfunding

Getting financial resources from people who are interested in your idea or technology is also one of the ways. Crowdfunding can also get you great exposure. Nevertheless, crowdfunding does not normally generate large sums of capital and maintaining a campaign can be time-consuming.

#4 Startup accelerators or incubators

Raising money is probably not the main reason why so many startups enrol in incubators or accelerators. The company can gain priceless business experience, get to know the market or capture the interest of investors. In addition, the majority of startup accelerators and incubators offer stipends reimbursed during the acceleration programme or a grant paid after completing the programme.