Ukraine: find the latest information regarding the ongoing situation

Considering the significant deterioration of the security situation in Ukraine and the unpredictable further development of the resulting military conflict, we bring you updated information from official sources and channels in English and ways how to support Ukraine in its fight for freedom and democracy in Europe.

I am a Ukrainian

We highly recommend that you source information only from official channels – which are the state authorities of the Czech Republic. There is a number of non-governmental organizations focused on helping foreigners and their services are offered free of charge. Definitely avoid suspicious paid mediation services, some of which may exploit your vulnerable situation for their own enrichment. The help system is set up for you in the Czech Republic and we are ready to help you manage everything in these unprecedented times.

Information hotline for citizens of Ukraine:
+420 226 20 1221 (after connecting select option number 8).
The line is available in the Ukrainian language.


Інформаційна гаряча лінія для громадян України:
 +420 226 20 1221(після з’єднання виберіть номер 8).
Лінія доступна і українською мовою.


Prague: Assistance centre at the Municipal Library

The City of Prague opened an assistance centre to help Ukrainian refugees with accommodation and legal stay. It is located on the ground floor of the Municipal Library on Mariánské náměstí in Prague 1.

The City provides help with registration for the stay in the Czech territory, which must be arranged within three days after arriving. We will also help you arrange accommodation, health care, medicines, childcare, schooling, or getting a job. The services are being constantly updated and supplemented.

The opening hours of the centre are from 9:00 to 17:00. Outside the opening hours, however, non-profit organizations and volunteers will take care of the visitors, which will provide space for rest and sleep.

NGOs offering help

List of lawyers offering free counselling for asylum seekers:

The Czech Republic drops the Covid-related entry rules: Ukrainian citizens have an exemption from the obligation to fill in the Arrival Form before entering the Czech Republic. If you are travelling from Ukraine, you do not need to prove a negative test result, national certificate of vaccination, or certificate of recovery from COVID-19.

Citizens of Ukraine who have a biometric passport can travel to the Czech Republic without a visa. If you have arrived in the Czech Republic and have a support system (family, acquaintances, accommodation and food provided by NGOs), you can stay in the Czech Republic for 90 days in a visa-free period. However, it is necessary to register with the Foreign Police within three days. If you do not have any support system in place, contact the infoline at +420 974 801 802 – it will help you find your way. It is also possible to come to the Vyšní Lhoty Registration Humanitarian Center or the Assistance Center in Prague where you will be provided with further assistance.

If you want to get involved in everyday life and start working, it is possible to apply for a special type of long-term visa. Holders of the special visa will be automatically included in the public health insurance system and can also obtain a work permit with it. You can apply for the permit at the regional branch of the Labor Office according to the place where the work is to be performed. The validity of the work permit is for up to two years with the possibility of repeated extension for another two years.

Before applying for a work permit, you must already have or find a job and sign an employment contract with your employer. The contract will be a part of the application. The next step is to submit the application, either by yourself or through the employer. To issue the work permit, you need to apply in writing at the regional branch of the Labor Office according to the place of work.

You can download the application form here: 

Labor Office vacancy database: 

Long-term residents: If you have a valid long-term residence permit in the Czech Republic, which needs to be extended, follow the standard procedure.

Short-term residents: If you have a valid residence permit in the Czech Republic, which cannot be extended and whose validity expires in less than 14 days, it is necessary to visit the OAMP office. You can use the Foreigners reservation system to make an appointment.

If your short-term residence permit expires and cannot be further extended, you can still stay in the territory of the Czech Republic on a special visa. The application is submitted on the official form (application for a long-term visa) and only in the territory of the Czech Republic. To submit the application, it is necessary to submit a travel document and a photograph. The application fee has been waived.

Without valid residence permit: If you do not have a valid residence permit in the Czech Republic, it is necessary to resolve the situation with the Police of the Czech Republic (at the Department of Residence Agencies of the Foreign Police Department – in Prague, the address is Olšanská 2176/2, 130 51 Praha 3).

Useful resources:

I have business relations with Ukraine or its citizens

Foreign nationals who have been issued a special visa may apply for a work permit in the Czech Republic. If you want to employ a foreigner with a special visa, first, it is necessary to report the open position to the regional branch of the Labor Office according to the place of work and express an interest in employing foreigners with a work permit. It is necessary to sign an employment contract with the future employee as soon as possible – the contract will be a part of their work permit application.

You can report an open job position suitable for foreigners here:

Useful resources:

I want to offer my help

The Embassy of Ukraine has published a list of goods, military and medical material needed. You can take the signed boxes with the exact list of things that the package contains to collection points throughout the Czech Republic – in Prague the address is Vocelova 3, Prague 2, House of National Minorities.

Together with non-profit organizations, Czech retailer has prepared a list of material and equipment that are suitable for current collections across the Czech Republic and can be bought directly from their website.

The map with all voluntary help collection places in Prague can be found at

Shared Google document with up-to-date calls for material aid such as medications, munition, or humanitarian aid in Czech and English.

The Czech Red Cross is currently planning a blood and plasma drive to support the affected areas. At the moment, the matter is still being negotiated – as the blood cannot be stored for a long time.

Here are some of the options:

If you’d like to make a financial contribution to support Ukraine, the Ukrainian Embassy in Prague recommends choosing a charity of your choice through Darujme platform where you can donate to above-mentioned charities and many more ADRA, Animal Freedom, The Salvation Army.

If you want to support the Ukraine’s Armed Forces directly, the Ukrainian Embassy in Prague has set up a fundraiser to purchase of defense and military equipment.

City of Prague
What do they need:

  • translation or interpreting from/to Ukrainian

Where to sign up:

Ministry of Interior
What do they need:

  • translation or interpreting from/to Ukrainian
  • help on the infoline set up for Ukrainian citizens (Prague only)
  • assistance at specific workplaces of the Ministry of the Interior

Where to sign up:

Association for Integration and Migration (SIMI)
What do they need:

  • online teaching of Czech language and other subjects for elementary and middle school students
  • assistance with the running of the organization
  • interpreting to clients, translating materials of different forms
  • PR activities

Where to sign up:

Watch out for fake news and misinformation about Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Don’t share anything you don’t have from a trusted source. Talk to people around you about the conflict and recommend only serious and verified sources of information.


President of Ukraine

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Embassy of Ukraine in Prague

Useful resources:

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