Deadline for Government Scholarships Approaching


The Government of the Czech Republic offers scholarships within the framework of its Foreign Development Assistance in support of the study of foreign nationals from developing and specific third countries listed below at public institutions of higher education in the Czech Republic.

General Information

Granting scholarships to citizens from developing and specific countries listed below for studies at the Czech public higher education institutions is an important part of the foreign development cooperation of the Czech Republic and has a long tradition. From the late 1950s to the present day over 20 000 foreign nationals have completed their studies at Czech universities with a scholarship of the Government of the Czech Republic.

Eligible Countries and Study Programmes Scholarships for the academic year 2024/2025 are offered only to the citizens of the following countries:

Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and Zambia.

The Government Scholarships are structured to cover the standard duration of study in the following ways:

Follow-up Master Study Programs This includes a one-year preparatory course in the Czech language (integrated with field-specific training). These scholarships are offered to graduates of Bachelor's degree programs. Applicants can only enroll in study programs within select areas where instruction is conducted in Czech. Depending on the subject matter, applicants may be required to pass entrance examinations at the relevant university as a prerequisite for scholarship consideration.

Follow-up Master and Doctoral Study Programs These scholarships are available for graduates of Bachelor or Master study programs, respectively, who enroll in study programs with instruction in the English language.

Each applicant is obliged to fill in an electronic application form at the latest by 30 September 2023. The successful applicant starts studying in the academic year 2024/2025.

Detailed information on the terms and conditions of scholarship awards is provided in the binding "Guidelines for Granting Scholarships of the Government of the Czech Republic", issued in Czech and English.

Source: Website of the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports