Why to work in Prague

#1 Open labour market

Czech Republic and its capital city Prague number among the highly stable economies. In the last couple of years, Prague’s unemployment rate has been one of the lowest across the EU. It produces a specific atmosphere in the labour market with plenty of interesting positions for educated workers from abroad.

#2 Continuously rising salaries

Prague´s average salary in the third quarter of 2018 was 39,298 CZK (1511 €). Compared to the average wage for the Czech Republic 31,516 CZK (1212 €), it was higher by 24.7%. Wages are rising constantly, for example by 8% during last year. The minimum gross wage for a full-time job is 12,200 CZK (469 €). Salary guides for specific roles are available from HR companies.

#3 Relatively cheap customer goods

Czech Republic in general numbers among the cheapest countries in the EU. Prague of course, as capital, stands out of the average. Nevertheless, living in Prague can be relatively inexpensive compared to other western European cities. On top of that, the Czech crown seems to keep pace with the economy, which keeps consumer goods at a relatively cheap level.

#4 Location in heart of Europe

The location in the heart of Europe makes Prague a very good base for travelling by plane, car, train or bus. Vaclav Havel International Airport expands its capacity and number of destinations each year. Prague´s public transport is at a very high level, including metro, trams and buses. City infrastructure serves at its capacity with a rising number of inhabitants.

#5 Quality of life is very high, and family comes at first

According to many international studies, Prague numbers among the cities with the best quality of life in Europe. Also, it is one of the safest places and tourist destinations in the world. Living and working in Prague also means a perfect example of work-life balance. Excessive work hours are mostly paid and there is a very generous maternity leaves for mothers (up to three years).

#6 Various leisure activities within the green city

Prague offers multiple leisure activities such as museums, galleries, theatres and cinemas. Also, when it comes to grand cultural or sporting events, there are a suitable number of facilities. Large city parks within the wider city centre serve its inhabitants for sports time or picnics.

#7 High level healthcare system Healthcare in the Czech Republic is paid based on salary contributions. Therefore, for each person who is working or has permanent residence in the Czech Republic, public healthcare is available by law. Of course, a private system of healthcare is available for expats, whether EU citizens or not. Prague offers very wide network of doctors in various specializations at hospitals or emergency rooms.

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