#1 Large number of opportunities  

There are 8 public universities in Prague together with 1 state college and 20 private universities. Therefore, the variety of study programmes is wide and everyone can find their branch of interest among them.

#2 The oldest university in Central Europe

Charles University is on the top of the oldest universities in the central European region. It was founded in 1348 which means that high quality education has a long tradition in Prague.

#3 Many fields of study

Prague offers a wide range of programmes for foreign students that is growing year by year. Most of the programmes are taught in English. They are prepared in cooperation with the EU as well as through cooperation with non-EU countries.

#4 Highly qualified and experienced specialists 

Universities in Prague have at their disposal both high quality equipment and superior professors who are respected both in the Czech Republic and abroad. At the same time, due to numerous cooperation with foreign universities, Prague also attracts a number of guest specialists from top rated universities around the world, which further enhances the quality of education in Prague.

#5 Free time

Prague offers many options of how to spend your free time – various museums, galleries, theatres, concert halls or sport events.

#6 Working opportunities

If you are an accredited day programme student, you are able to enter the labour market during the period of your study, which gives you an option to gain some extra money while studying. At the same time, after obtaining a degree, you can stay in Prague and work here, you merely need to extend your residence permit in the Czech Republic.

#7 Prague's location

Another advantage and reason why to study in Prague is its accessibility. There is an international airport or you can travel easily by tram or bus within European cities. The infrastructure in Prague is on a very high level and you will find it easy to travel here by public transport, which is available 24/7 and rated as 5th best in the world.

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