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Use the opportunity to study in one of the most student-friendly cities in the world! It doesn't matter what your academic focus is, there is a school for you!

We are very excited to hear that your life journey has led you to Prague and that you’ve decided to stay here with us — even if it’s just for a little while. We would like to present to you Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is a city with unique characteristics that millions of visitors travel here to see every year. Prague is a modern and dynamic Central European metropolis that is certainly worthy of the attention that it receives.

Why study in Prague?

Large number of opportunities

There are 8 public universities in Prague together with 1 state college and 20 private universities. Therefore, the offer of study programmes is wide and everyone can find their branch of interest. Most of the international programmes are taught in English. They are prepared in cooperation with the EU as well as through cooperation with non-EU countries. The number of foreign students in Prague is growing year by year so you will for sure not feel alone in your endeavours.

The oldest university in Central Europe

Charles University is on the top of the oldest universities in the central European region. It was founded in 1348 which means that high-quality education has a long tradition in Prague.

Highly qualified and experienced specialists

Universities in Prague have at their disposal both high-quality equipment and superior professors who are respected both in the Czech Republic and abroad. At the same time, due to numerous cooperations with foreign universities, Prague attracts a number of guest specialists from top-rated universities around the world, which further enhances the quality of education in Prague.

There's always something to do

Prague offers many options for how to spend your free time – various museums, galleries, theatres, concert halls or sports events. It is also one of the greenest capitals in the world, so finding a park to have a picnic in or just chill with your friends is very accessible.

Working opportunities during and after your studies

If you are an accredited day programme student, you are able to enter the labour market during the period of your study, which gives you the option to gain some work experience. At the same time, after obtaining a degree, you can stay in Prague and work here, you merely need to extend your residence permit in the Czech Republic.

City in the heart of Europe

Another advantage and reason why to study in Prague is its accessibility. There is an international airport and also rail connections to most of the European cities. You can also travel easily by tram or bus within Prague and other Czech and European cities, with Prague's infrastructure being rated as the 6th fastest in the world available 24/7.

Study in Prague: step-by-step checklist

1. Select your future university and study programme

Your first homework is to check how the education model works in the Czech Republic and which programmes are you eligible to apply for (e.g. for a Master’s degree you will need an equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree, for Bachelor’s you will need a high school diploma or a nostrification certificate). Once you know your options you can start researching which programmes are available for the year you want to apply. You can find a list of both private and public universities in Prague here.

2. Submit an application

Make sure what documents and certifications you need before applying. Each university has its own special requirements, therefore it is important to inform yourself about them in detail. Most of the information is available online but if you cannot find what you are looking for, simply contact the study department of a particular programme or the institution’s foreign department.


The deadlines for submitting an application differ at every university but the most common deadline months are February and March (art schools even earlier - in the fall). Most of the applications can be submitted online and the forms are available on the websites of the institutions. After filling it out, it is sometimes important to print the submission, sign it and send it by post to the particular university. There is usually a fee to be paid for the submission and some universities require confirmation of payment to be sent along with the submission.

3. Get admitted

Some institutions accept students based on the results of an entrance examination. These examinations are usually in form of a written test that takes place at the university but they can also be oral or taken via an online interface. Art schools usually need you to submit your portfolio with your application and their deadline is usually earlier than other schools.

4. Find accommodation

There are various options for student housing in Prague. The most common ones are dormitories and private housing or house share. Dormitory accommodation is usually provided directly by the university and therefore is also addressed on the university’s website. Private accommodation in Prague is very common and many private apartments are rented specifically to students. It is possible to find these apartments both in university and city centre areas, as well as outside of the city centre.

5. Arrange your health insurance

Third-country residents who are to be studying in Prague are required to arrange comprehensive travel insurance. It must be arranged with a certified provider in the territory of the Czech Republic. Students from EU and EEC (European Economic Community) countries shall require a European health insurance card (the blue one) or a certified form E 128 from their respective health insurance agencies.

6. Apply for a visa

If you were accepted to study at any university in Prague, it is important to determine whether all the requirements to finish the official process have been met. One of them might be a visa. For EU residents, there are generally no restrictions, while third-country nationals do need visas to be able to study in the Czech Republic. You will need the acceptance letter from your university to be able to apply for a visa.

7. Make Prague your new home!

The final step will certainly be the most enjoyable. Plan your journey to Prague and start to get to know the city, its inhabitants and your new classmates and teachers. If there are more questions upon your arrival, consult our website or contact us directly!

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