Repatriation travel costs assistance for Ukrainian refugees


In a novel proposition, the Ministry of Interior is set to cover the travel expenses for Ukrainians journeying back to their homeland.

The Czech government has presented plans for an initiative aimed at facilitating the voluntary return of refugees to Ukraine. The plan, which is outlined in the draft sixth amendment to the “lex Ukraine” law, will see the Czech government providing assistance and partial coverage of associated costs for those opting to return.

This move comes as the country seeks to address the recently increasing demand from refugees wishing to return to their homeland. While acknowledging the ongoing challenges faced by Ukraine, the Czech government perceives the provision of assistance to those opting for return as a progressive step.

The voluntary return program will involve the Czech Ministry of the Interior arranging transportation (paying for it) and providing free guidance with regards to paperwork.

Eligibility for the program extends to asylum seekers, individuals with revoked or non-renewed residence permits, as well as those who were previously deported.

While offering aid to those who wish to return, the government also recognizes the need to ensure that the <u>decision is fully informed</u> and <u>free from undue pressure</u>. This delicate balance between support and individual agency remains at the forefront of the Czech Republic's approach to managing the refugee situation.