Czech Republic Launches New Government Program – Digital Nomad


The Czech government responded to the demands of the job market by allowing companies to hire foreign expert freelancers and facilitating their settlement in the Czech Republic.

The Program targets highly skilled digital nomads, proficient in the IT sector, as a response to the shifting landscape of global workforce mobility and freelancing, notably accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Its main objective is to streamline the relocation process of these professionals to the Czech Republic.

Eligibility for the Program extends to citizens from specific countries, namely Australia, Japan, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, and Taiwan. It caters specifically to two categories of digital nomads:

Remote Employees: This includes foreign employees who continue working for their foreign employer while stationed in the Czech Republic. The work is conducted remotely, facilitated by digital communication tools. The digital nomad remains an employee of their foreign company and does not establish a formal employment relationship with a Czech employer.

Freelancers (Self-Employed): Foreign individuals who possess or plan to acquire a Czech Trade License fall under this category. They engage in self-employment while being a part of the Program.

The Program accommodates immediate family members of the digital nomads, such as spouses, registered partners, and children. These family members can apply for residence permits simultaneously.

Enlisted digital nomads gain several advantages under the Program:

  1. Visa/Residence Application: They can submit their long-term visa or residence permit applications at Czech Republic embassies/consulates abroad. This privilege extends to their immediate family members as well.

  2. Application Processing: The processing of their visa or residence permit applications is expedited, with a commitment to review within 45 days from submission.

However, it's crucial to note that participation in the Program is not guaranteed by law. The Ministry of Industry and Trade is responsible for evaluating applications. Interested individuals must send their applications to the designated email address,

More information and forms.