Separate BIO waste with free of charge bins for vegetation


From 2022, you can apply for a BIO bin for vegetation biowaste free of charge. We really appreciate your interest in sorting biowaste. Thanks to you, we obtain quality plant material, which then returns to the soil in the form of compost and enriches it with valuable nutrients and organic matter.

Do you already have your BIO bin? You can throw away the peelings from your kitchen in the BIO bin instead of the regular bin, and the second chance for your waste is here! Plant waste will be turned into useful compost. You will reduce a huge amount of mixed urban waste and benefit the parks, orchards and gardens that improve our air.

Information about the service

Plant waste makes up to 20% of the contents of normal bins. A fifth of the rubbish that could still be used to improve the air ends up in an incinerator... But it's a lousy fuel, and it burns badly. The nutrients go up the chimney without any benefit.

About the bio waste bin

Over 16,000 Prague households already deposit their vegetable waste in the brown BIObin (November 2021). Do you want to be one of them? If you're a property owner, just take a few minutes to fill in a few details in the form (unfortunately only in Czech for now) and submit. Members of owners' associations, condominiums, etc. need to agree first. As a regular tenant, you can ask the building owner or someone acting for the owner to order a BIO bin for your building. In addition, a BIObin can reduce your waste removal charges!

What will a BIO bin cost me?

There is no charge for providing a BIO bin and arranging regular collections from 2022.

If the BIO bin will be placed in a public place and/or used by six or more households, it must have a lock on the lid. The container with a lock and two keys is also supplied free of charge to the owner of the premises by the collection company.

Costs may be incurred with the service if more keys are ordered.

Get more information about the BIO waste bin arrangement here:

And about the specifics of the BIO waste recycling rules here.