Help your city to navigate better


The "Legible Prague '' project introduces city wayfinding aimed at improving the quality of life for all those who navigate the metropolis. It includes locals who know the city by heart, people who commute to Prague for work and are always in a hurry, tourists who don't speak Czech but want to fully enjoy all its beauty, individuals with temporary or permanent mobility, vision, hearing, or other impairments, dog persons, parents with strollers, hikers with suitcases and backpacks, retirees, children, and everyone else.

We all have many common and a number of specific requirements that quality design and architecture help address, which is why we want to know yours!

Whether you are part of any group, whether you walk, use public transportation, a car, a bicycle, or combine all options, your feedback will help us incorporate your needs into the emerging wayfinding and make it the best for everyone.

If you are interested in participating in the research, please sign up using the questionnaire.

Currently, we are looking for respondents for the autumn research at the HolKa location near the Štvanická lávka, where we are piloting elements of pedestrian navigation – an obelisk and directional sign. For a 30-minute interview at the location, respondents will be rewarded with a gift package and the opportunity to be among those who help make Prague more legible for everyone.

Source: Czechdesign