Startup Night vol. 3

Startup Night vol. 3

Startup Night vol. 3

🚀 STARTUP NIGHT VOL. 3 IS HERE! 🦄 The biggest 👉 student business networking 👈 event in the Czech Republic is here again and this time it takes place in the most 🚀 hipster part of Prague - Holešovice, specifically in the cool H40 space at Holešovice Market. We invite all young people interested in business to come and get new 👋 contact, 📰 valuable information, and, among all that, to 🎉 have fun! In previous years, Startup Night was attended by 🌍 hundreds of students from more than 30 countries all around the world. In addition to successful 👉 startup founders, investors, journalists, marketers, IT specialists or lawyers. 💪 You can also meet other young enthusiasts and find 🚀 a co-founder for your project. And if you don't quite see yourself in the role of an enthusiastic visionary who will change the world, don't worry. You can chat with founders and managers of interesting projects and join their team.

Our Venue


H40, Holešoviská tržnice