Expat Movie Night: Women Behind the Wheel

Expat Movie Night: Women Behind the Wheel

Directed by: Hannah Congdon & Catherine Haigh

Two British women undertake a road trip across Central Asia on a mission to uncover women’s stories in a region miles from their own. But along the journey, they’re forced to challenge the assumptions they set out with.

The film follows Cat and Hannah as they take on a dramatic 3000km drive through Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, reaching dizzying heights along the Pamir Highway. They use the journey to speak to as many women as possible along their route - learning what life is like for women growing up on the other side of the globe.

They set off determined to hear stories about feminist struggles against traditional norms. But in reality, the women they meet are igniting change from within their own traditions. So, Cat and Hannah begin to realise that feminism exists in all shapes and sizes - and collectively, the smallest changes can amount to a quiet revolution.

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Expat Centre Prague. Charvátova 6, Prague 1


08.08.2023 15:30