Expat Workshop: Conflict management

Expat workshop: Conflict management

Did you happen to find yourself in a conflict at your workplace and are trying to successfully manoeuvre through it? Should you escalate to your manager and what if the conflict was started by them? How do you involve the HR and is that really helpful? In this workshop you will learn more about the conflict management, its nature and the techniques of resolving it, as well as how and when to involve your manager or HR.


Alina Ruiz Guerra

Operations Manager at Amazon / Career Coach / Femme Palette Mentor with 12+ years of professional experience in the industry leading corporations, 8+ of which in the leadership roles. Throughout her career she has coached and mentored over 70 people. She has achieved operational excellence and built strong teams capable of achieving outstanding results. She has also hired great talents and ensured achieving absolute customer satisfaction and their exceptional experience.

Our Venue



Expat Centre Prague. Charvátova 6, Prague 1


20.07.2023 15:30