This is the Expat Centre Prague

Prague has always been considered a city at the crossroads, connecting West and East, North and South attracting scientists, intellectuals and artists such as Tycho de Brahe, Albert Einstein or Franz Kafka to experience the magical and inspiring atmosphere of the old city. However, Prague is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world which millions of visitors from all around the world travel to see. Starting with a high quality of life, cultivating and professionalizing the approach to incoming tourism, through the support of cultural and creative industries, innovative projects, start-ups, smart solutions, to the popularization of topics related to territorial development and public space, Prague is a truly modern metropolis and a great place to live.

Who we are

Prague is open to the world and loves its diversity. That is how the Expat Centre Prague started - as a part of a solid strategy to attract, welcome and engage the city’s international talent. Our mission is to help all the expats to make a new home in Prague and become a part of our city.

We realised that many foreigners in Prague might feel alone in their struggles, especially when language is an obstacle and they don’t know where to look for help. Here we provide you with advice and information on resources that may help you with your job hunting, news on Prague’s dynamic start-up and economic scenes, networking and informative events and initiatives aimed at the international community as well as tips to make the most of your new life in this city.

The Expat Centre is backed by the International Relations Unit of the Mayor’s Office at the Prague City Hall, therefore, all the information you find here is official and up-to-date and our services are free of charge.

What we do


We offer telephone, online and face-to-face consultations for all situations related to a professional or private start in Prague, all free of charge. Book an appointment or message us at

Information service

We know being an expat in a new country is hard, especially if you don’t speak the language. We provide trustworthy information in the English language daily on our social media, in monthly newsletters.


In the offline world, we organise educational seminars, networking and social events based on the idea of always providing added value for expats other than just meet and greet. Check out the event section of this website!

Our team members

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