7 steps to studying in prague

1. Selection of university and programme

In order to be able to study in Prague, it is important to think about the possibilities that the city offers. Moreover, don’t forget to check how the education model works in the Czech Republic.

You can find a list of both private and public universities in Prague here.

2. Submitting an application

Each university has its own special requirements and needs, therefore it is important to come across them in detail. The detailed information might be found on the website of the university or simply contact the study department of a particular programme or department of the university’s foreign department.

a) The first necessary step will be preparing the required documents. Every university will require a document confirming successful termination of your previous education.

b) Submission of the application – the deadlines differ at every University but the most common deadline month is February–March. Most of the applications can be submitted online and the forms are available on the website of the university. After filling it out, it is sometimes important to print the submission, sign it and send it by post to the particular university. There is usually a charge for submission and some universities require a confirmation of payment to be sent along with the submission.

3. Admission

Some of the Universities accept students based on the results of an entrance examination. These examinations are usually written but they can also be oral or taken online. The written form usually takes place at the university, while oral forms might be taken abroad or via any online application. Online tests are usually taken by email, with the student obtaining a particular task and being required to deliver it in the given time period.

4. Accommodation

In Prague, there are various options for how to get accommodated. The most common one that students choose here is a shared private apartment or dormitory.

a) Dormitory accommodation is usually provided directly by the university and therefore is also addressed on the university’s website.

b) Private accommodation – In Prague, there are many private apartments that are rented specifically to students, who share them. It is possible to find these apartments both in university and city centre areas, as well as outside of the city centre.

5. Health insurance

Third-country residents who are to be studying in Prague are required to arrange comprehensive travel insurance. It must be arranged with a certified provider in the territory of the Czech Republic.

6. Visa/permission

If you were accepted to study at any university in Prague, it is important to find out whether all the requirements to finish the official process have been met. One of them might be a visa or any kind of permission. For EU residents, there are generally no restrictions, while third-country nationals are usually required to ask for permission to be able to study in the Czech Republic.

7. Arrival, studying and having fun

Find a way to get to Prague and come and enjoy local life. Prague is a beautiful city with many opportunities for students, so enjoy it!

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