Becoming a Freelancer

Being your own boss is becoming more and more popular option among Prague locals and expats as well. The freedom, the creativity, and the flexibility are very appealing for those who don’t want to spend their days 9-5 in an open space office.

The process of becoming a self-employed professional is not very complicated in the Czech Republic, but there are still some official procedures that must be taken care of before you start.

The most important is obtaining the Živnostenský list (Trade Licence) (link: You will get your own tax ID number, and you will start paying social security and taxes, just like any Czech citizen. The Trade Licence allows you to carry out 80 different activities, which encompass practically everything you could imagine. The application process is simple; you only have to corroborate your qualifications in a few specific cases (such as health or finance services or food services).

If you need a visa to remain in the Czech Republic for over 90 days, you can apply for a business visa. (link:

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